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Plastic coated box profile, with a fleecy anti condensation liner to the reverse

Also known as Plastisol

Underside of a 32/1000 Plastic Coated (Plastisol) box profile roofing sheets, with a fleecy liner on the reverse.

Please contact Peter 0800 980 7341

Anti Condensation Fleece Liner for the reverse of Metal Roofing Sheets

We can apply the fleecey liner to any steel finished roofing sheets, Box Profile, Corrugated profiles in the following finishes;

  1. *Plastisol

  2. *Polyester

  3. *Galvanised Steel

  4. *Aluminium.

The anti con liner is designed to provide a barrier to prevent dripping condensation on the interior of buildings where insulation is not a requirement  but keeping dry is.

The uses of these sheets include agricultural sheds (storage of live animals / cereals / feed)  other agricultural outbuildings, plus industrial / commercial buildings. These are not a stock item, because the liner is applied at the time of production, which takes roughly 5-7 days. Please be aware there may be a small order set up charge / or minimum order quantity depending on the total quantity required, especially if the sheets are corrugated metal roofing sheets.

Plastic coated (plastisol) box profile is the most common can give you up to 25 years life on the top sheet, in the region of 10 years on the anti con liner.

Also a major benefit is that anti con backed roofing sheets are significantly lighter than traditional Fibre Cement Roofing Sheets, which are well known for there excellent anti condensation properties, obviously making them much easier to handle.

Dripping condensation from metal roofing sheets generally occurs when the temperature changes outside.

Lower Temperature Externally




The special anti condensation fleecy membrane which has been adhered to the sheets absorbs the condensation, thus preventing dripping, then once the building is relatively well ventilated the fleece dries out during the day, the cycle recommences.  Condensation can be unpleasant for animals living in the building, make the bedding wet, damage stored goods such as cereals, or animal feed  & materials. It will also decrease the buildings insulation capabilities, and over time cause damage to the roof, particularly aiding the oxidation process (rusting). Obviously for the liner to work effectively it must be installed correctly, we ALWAYS provide instructions, and there needs to be some air circulation in the building.


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